Frequently Asked Questions

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What is TargeTube?

TargeTube an Application and Website are a new Social Media to provide ( 2 min) whether live film or upload Video but we allow ( 4 min) links from YouTube or Vimeo, the copy right is registered as a patent in the United States under No: US/61/996/632

How to register?


1-Download TargeTube app from App store for iPhone or Google play for Android.

2-Select your country flag ( FIRST ).

3-Click Facebook button or fill out the Registration form.

4-Click a small box to accept our terms of use then click register.

5-Copy the code then paste it in right place.

6-Click the link was sent to your email for activation.

7- Login in to start.


1-Click country flag on the top left of the web (FIRST)

2-Register by Facebook or fill out the form.

3-Login in to start.

How to film and publish Video?


1-Click record then click a red circle in the middle of the page.

2-Give permission to the app to use your camera and audio.

3-Select FIRST option: (capture with camera) to film ( 2 min )

4-Or select SECOND option: (select from file) to upload Video ( 2 min).

5-Or Select THIRD option: ( Enter YouTube / Vimeo URL ) to paste link ( 4 min ).

6-Fill out the form, write title in your language, City in ENGLISH, select category and subcategory.

7- Click post free Video, it will published after review.


1-Click yellow button on the top right side of the home page.

2-Fill in the title in your language, the city in ENGLISH, select category and subcategory.

3- Click next and drag (2 min) Video file or click browse to choose video file to download it.

4- Or paste link from YouTube / Vimeo ( 4 min ) in it's place.

5- Click post free Video.

What are the Categories?

1-Opinion: To express politics, religions, science or social opinion to share it with others.

2-Marketing: To market your services or products for free.

3-Talents: To share your talents like acting, singing, music, dancing, etc.

4-Petitions: To report the cases of torture in prisons, sexual harassment, political detainees, religious persecution, racial discrimination.

5-Innovation: To share a glimpse of invention as renewable energy, technology, design, health care, machines.

6-Miscellaneous:To looking for a job, provide consulting or Volunteers to help needy.

Who is responsibility of the Videos?

Publishers are responsibilities of their Videos and viewers has a right to block or report any video.

How to delete any of your Videos?

You can delete your videos at any time by accessing to your account.

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