TargeTube: Mobile Application and Website has began Jan 25, 2020, to provide two-minute free video, using any language, The main goal of TargeTube  is defending a human rights everywhere in the world, especially women, the disabled, the needy, and fight the religious discrimination and discrimination in general, in addition to two categories, donors, to provide direct help for whoever looking for it and miscellaneous, in order to search for a jobs or expressing of opinion or new talent, or advertising for business or selling or buying .The copy right is registered as a patent in the United States No: US/61/996/632


App: Select your country flag (FIRST), fill out the Registration form, then login to start.

Web: Click country flag on the top left of the web (FIRST), Register by Facebook, Gmail or fill out the form.


App: Film 2 min video or paste 4 min YouTube & Vimeo links, fill out the form, title in your language, City in ENGLISH, select category, subcategory then publish your video.

Web: Click on the top right side yellow button of the home page, fill in the title in your language,the city in ENGLISH, select category and sub, next, browse, choose 2 min video and download it or paste 4 min YouTube & Vimeo links in it's place then publish your video.


Women: TargeTube gives women the chance to express their suffering from sexual harassment, gender discrimination, physical and psychological abuse, polygamy, single mothers with children.

Disabled: Exhibit their suffering situations,  or whoever organizations represent them, such as deaf and dumb, blind people, paralyzed, patients chronic disease , mentally challenged , down syndrome children.

Needy: Such as displaced persons, drug addicts, persons with no family, the elderly, refugees.

Petitions: Reporting the cases of torture in prisons governments and police brutality, political detainees, religious persecution, racial discrimination.

Donors: Great people would love to give helping hand with money for the needy, medical treatment, also they could be professional experienced volunteers would like to help with their time and efforts.

Miscellaneous: The best place to share opinion, talents, and it will help you looking for a job or to publish an ads for sell and buy a  lot of items.


Speak any language in the world.


Publishers are responsibilities of their Videos and viewers has a right to report any video.


You can delete your videos at any time by accessing to your account.